Edwin L. Battistella is an emeritus professor of linguistics and writing at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.  He is the author of six books and over seventy articles.  His essays have appeared in Time Magazine, The Daily Beast, The Conversation, AEON, the Huffington Post, Politico, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Academe, Choice, and the Library Journal

Battistella was Dean of the School of Arts & Letters at Southern Oregon University from 2000-2006 and as interim Provost from 2007-2008. He served on the board of directors of Oregon Humanities from 2009-2015 and on the Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of Americas from 2014-2016 and he is on the editorial board of The Oregon Encyclopedia, He is the co-editor-in-chief of the Wiley-Blackwell journal Language and Linguistics Compass and a Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America.

Battistella contributes a monthly blog to Oxford University Press, called Between the Lines with Edwin Battistella. He also moderates the Literary Ashland blog feed.